Saturday, September 11, 2004

Signs that you've picked a bad night spot.

Living on the west side, Glass is normally a chill place to grab a drink with a semi-hip crowd. I actually like the decor and the outdoor (smoking) terrace, but tonight was something else.

After drinking our 1 required watered-down drink and wondering why the place was so dead at midnight on a Friday, I was about to leave. That’s when the action really picked up. And by action, I am referring to the bevy of police officers that entered the establishment and went behind the bar.

Shocked, all the patrons watched the the officers shine flashlights through every single bottle on the shelves and in the wells. The officers said they were looking for "health code violations" while a friendly server said they might be looking for roofies in the bottles.

Had I actually been intoxicated, I might have mentioned to the officers that it was highly unlikely that a place that served such weak drinks would go to the trouble to then put drugs in them.

Either way, it killed the mood and I took off. Do you think this was the intended result? Did I witness a modern-day shake-down?


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